The benefits of water soluble cleaning sachets

One of the most popular trends in commercial cleaning supplies are innovative, new use-specific cleaning powders which are conveniently packaged in a water-soluble sachet. These simple to use, convenient water soluble cleaning sachets were designed to reduce costs and save time when mixing and using commercial cleaning products. Benefits Of Using PVA Hygiene Water Soluble Cleaning Sachets In The Workplace

The health and productivity benefits of using a sit stand workstation

The health benefits of a sit stand desk. Show This Study to Your Boss By Jamie Ducharme, View Original October 10th, 2018 Standing desks became trendy because of their ability to cut into your sitting time, thereby improving your health and wellness in the workplace. And a small new study says the benefits don’t stop there: standing desks may actually improve your job performance, too. Office

Work safely – prevent identity theft.

With GDPR now in operation, your organisation cannot afford to take risks with personal data and confidential information and risk identity theft.. The multi-million pound penalties for non-compliance of the new legislation are damaging enough, but there could be even more serious consequences on your company’s reputation. In fact, when confidential material falls into the wrong hands, the damage incurred

5 Ways Your Company Can Prevent Fraud
5 Ways Your Company Can Prevent Fraud

Business fraud is becoming a growing trend and business owners should be concerned as many online fraudsters are looking for easy targets regardless of the size of the business or industry. It is estimated that, on average, businesses lose up to 5% of their annual revenue to fraud and this figure is growing every year. What can you do to

A Financial Director’s Guide to Having Cake, Eating Cake and Profiting From Eating Cake

As business terms go, ‘cost reduction’ doesn’t sound too glamorous. It’s hardly the most dynamic or innovative of concepts. That’s OK though: business is business. It’s not meant to be sexy. Besides, what a cost reduction programme may lack in excitement, it more than makes up for in cold, quantifiable results. Cost reduction can dramatically improve the fortunes of a

Our guide to choosing the correct office chair

With 70% of the workforce suffering from back problems at some point in their working lives, seating is the most important purchase you will ever make when it comes to ensuring the comfort and fitness of staff and promoting productivity. In a years normal use the average operator chair will travel more than 7 miles and will be in use