The Negative Effects Of Noise In The Office And How It Affects Productivity And Well-Being

The Negative Effects Of Noise In The Office And How It Affects Productivity And Well-Being
The Negative Effects Of Noise In The Office And How It Affects Productivity And Well-Being

Noise in the workplace is not only annoying, but it can affect our personal health and our ability to remain productive. Studies have shown that many workers care more about the interior acoustics of their work environment than they do about where they sit, the temperature in the office or the view. There are many factors that contribute to increased noise levels in today’s offices and, while we can’t do much about them by ourselves, they affect us more than we know.
Increased noise levels can affect us on many different levels from psychologically and cognitively, to behaviourally, even affecting our productivity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the negative effects of noise in the office and how it affects productivity and well-being and what we can do about it.

4 Ways That Workplace Noise Is Affecting Our Productivity And Well-Being:

Noise Can Be Stressful- noise is very stressful and it can leave us physically and mentally shaken. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can trigger physiologic stress responses in our bodies, including high blood pressure and an increased heart rate.

Noise Can Limit Your Productivity- studies show that workers are almost 65% less productive in a noisy work environment than employees who work in much quieter offices. Even background noise can be a productivity killer.

Other People’s Conversations Can Be Even More Disruptive- even more disruptive than loud machinery or open floor plan offices are other worker’s conversations. Even if you don’t want to listen, our brains are already tuned to listen to the conversations around us. We can’t stop it.

Multitasking Becomes Difficult- in a noisy office environment, it can become almost impossible to multitask. And, the more you try, the less effective you will be at multitasking as the environmental noise will seem much worse.

The Solution To Office Noise
There is a simple, but effective, solution to excess office noise. We can manufacture acoustic panels which mount to either walls or ceiling and can reduce sound levels in modern office environments by providing sound absorption up to 100%. We can supply a range of sound baffles, individual acoustic pods, small meeting rooms and acoustic panels which can absorb, block, cover or divide sound making your office environment quieter, less stressful and more productive.

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